We are a Community of Believers

Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church

Welcome to Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church! We are a community of believers who seek to glorify God, fellowship with one another, and reach the people of Winchester.

You should expect our service to be fully grounded in the Word of God, whether that is through hymns, contemporary worship music, prayer, or the reading and expository preaching of the Bible itself. If you don’t live in the Winchester area, we strongly encourage you to find a local body with which to fellowship; however, we also stream our services on our Facebook page.

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Sunday School

Begins at 9:30 AM

Sunday Worship

Begins at 10:30 AM

Bible Study & Prayer

Wednesday at 10:00 AM

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What Is Expository Preaching?

At Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church, we believe that expository preaching is the feast by which the believer learns more about God, and grows in Him. Expository preaching does exactly that – exposes the meaning of the Word of God, and applies it to our lives today. Our preaching series are done verse-by-verse, usually working our way through an entire book of the Bible before moving on to the next one. While topical preaching may address some of the felt needs in society today, only expository preaching can ensure that we receive the whole counsel of the Word of God, whether or not we perceive a need for what God has for His people in a particular passage.